Saturday, January 15, 2011

Starship Creation for Star Wars: The Old Republic

We've been pretty busy at BioWare making Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Recently I had the opportunity to do a writeup with Christopher Reeves for the website, in it we break down the pipeline for our starships from concept to in-game model. Below are links to that article and a couple previous SW:TOR concept art breakdowns that I wrote up. If you're interested in my process or game art in general, these might be worth checking out. Click the images below to head over to the different pages.

Studio Insider: Starship Creation
Click the image below:

Developer Corner: Kaas City
Click the image below, scroll down past the fan art:

Developer Corner: Republic Capital Ship
Click the image below, scroll down past the fan art:


  1. This is indeed a talented work!

    Do you always work in 2D? or do you overpaint (in some cases) proxy models in 3D?

  2. Hi Fran,
    I generally work in 2D start to finish. If there is a 'stub' object like an environment that has already been laid out in game and it needs to remain specific size/layout or if an asset exists that needs enhancement I will take screenshots and paint over those.

  3. This comes fairly late...but I absolutely love your designs on these ships! Especially the interior layouts - they make it all seem so much more real and immersive (obviously!). Just two little questions: Where are the toilets/refreshers on your ships and where are the interior layouts for the jedi and sith ships? Both equally 'pressing' question, though for different reasons. ;)

  4. Hi Ryan !
    Do you have an artstation profile ?
    Because I love you swtor ship conceptart and I'd really like to look them in HD haha !
    Are you still in Bioware ?